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Time to Winterize Your Boat!

Protect Your Investment:

We are stocked-up with both engine and potable water antifreeze, heaters and dehumidifiers.


To protect engine rooms on gas powered boats, use the Ignition Protected "Pali" heater by Caframo. Compact size, automatically turns on when the temperature drops to 45*


For cabin warmth, and to protect from freezing, use the True North heater. Low profile-will not tip over, three heat settings, 600, 900 and 1500 watts, and fan-only. Also has an "antifreeze" setting which turns the unit on automatically when the temperature drops to 38*

To combat humidity we have several solutions to choose from: Air-dryers, dehumidifiers, Damp Rid, and Dri-Z-Air crystals.

Also Check out HyperVent material to prevent condensation under your mattress. See below for more information.

We also have heaters from Dickinson, fueled by diesel, propane, or solid fuel (wood, etc.)

Call or stop in, and we will be happy to help you choose the right products for your application.

Reviews From The Web:

 "Great service and usually less expensive than West Marine. Example: a half gallon of Delo was $23 at WM, but $18.75 at Sexton's."  Google review.

"Locally and family owned, well stocked, knowledgeable staff and friendly. Avoid the big box corporate owned overpriced place and come to Sextons. Better prices here too."  Cap'n Ron

"Out of boating now, but have found Sextons to be one of the last honest marine businesses in the area. The big box marine store started out great but has gotten way too big for their britches and way over priced. Serious boaters with budgets use Sextons."  Lawrence H.


"The best boat guys in town – I cannot say enough good things about the guys who work here. Incredible knowledge and service. Never talk down to you and are always respectful of their customers.
If you want to know how to treat customers, this is the place!!"   Xpirate

"Happy boater – This is one of the best places to get your boating needs met. They are knowledgeable and patient when you have a very long list. They also carry used parts in the back room. Don't forget to check there for deals too."  Barb R.

"Great place with lots of specialty items. If you are a boat owner, you are likely to find whatever you need here. Very close to most of the moorages so it is a very convenient place to pick up those needed items." 
Sherry E.









The SOS Distress Light is the first and ONLY LED Visual Distress Signal Device that meets U.S. Coast Guard requirements to completely replace traditional pyrotechnic flares. Unlike traditional flares, this electric flare never expires which solves the challenge of flare disposal.

This floating LED marine flare can be hand-held, tethered, or hoisted aloft. It runs up to 60 hours, unlike traditional flares which last minutes or less.

Sirrius Strobe




  • Complies with all U.S. Coast Guard requirements for “Night Visual Distress Signals” as found in the Code of Federal Regulations: 46 CFR 161.013
  • LED flare flashes ONLY the SOS light sequence
  • When combined with a daytime distress signal flag (included in package),this electric flare meets ALL USCG Federal Requirements for DAY and NIGHT use in lieu of traditional flares
  • Floats with lens-up to optimize both the all-around horizontal and vertical light beams
  • No expiration or disposal issues
  • Family and boat SAFE – no flame!
  • SIMPLE twist-on operation
  • Visible up to 10 nautical miles
  • Battery-operated (3 C-cell Alkaline)
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Patent Numbers: 9,171,436 and D720,247

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We Are Now Carrying Kanberra Gel.

The All Natural Mold & Mildew Destroyer

   Kanberra Gel 


"This stuff really works!"

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Have you heard about  Hypervent?  It is the solution to damp, mildewy, moldy mattresses and cushions! No more need to "air out" your mattress, and it's easy to install. Ask to see a sample.


Hypervent 2

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Have you Tried This Amazing Cleaner?

It Works Wonders On Dirty Fenders And Inflatables



Z-Care LVP Marine Cleaner is an environmentally safe product scientifically formulated to deep clean all surfaces on a boat except window glass.
This product delivers innovative discoveries in polymer and surfactant technologies to tackle the toughest environment dust, dirt, grease and oil stains.

Z-Care Marine Cleaner in non-toxic, biodegradable, non-hazardous, and non-abrasive. Z-Care Marine Cleaner will not dry out natural or synthetic surfaces like other competitive acid and alkaline based products. Z-Car Marine Cleaner is excellent at removing black marks from plastic and fiberglass surfaces. Also give it a try on your water sport vehicles, inflatables and dinghys, outdoor furniture, canvas and wood surfaces.

• Spray Z Care LVP Marine Cleaner directly on the surface you want to clean.
• Brush and or Wipe Clean. Also works on wet surfaces.
• Mix Z-Care Marine 1 Cup per Quart of water for wash downs on all surfaces.
• Add 1 to 2 oz of Z-Care LVP Marine to a hose end sprayer to remove salt.

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Do These Look Familiar?

Burnt Shorepower


There Is An Alternative:

The SmartPlug



Push Straight-In Sleeved Design

One of the primary causes of electrical arcing in twist-type designs is the fact that the electrical pins bear any weight or tension in the cord, and eventually work themselves loose. The SmartPlug's sleeve design means that the body of the plug bears that weight or tension, rather than the electrical pins, keeping those points of electrical contact secure.



Water intrusion leads to corrosion, and corrosion leads to electrical arcing and overheating. SmartPlug's three weatherproof seals eliminate the possibility of water and moisture intrusion, ensuring a safe and dry connection.


Multi-Point Locking System

SmartPlugs employ two locking side levers as well as two points of contact on the locking cap to ensure a rock solid connection. When not in use, the cap can be closed to form a weatherproof seal on the inlet.


Ease of Use

Simply push the plug straight in until the side levers 'click' and then snap the locking cap down on top to finish the job. Additionally, the unique shape of the plug ensures a straight-in connection that can only be plugged in one way. No more finding the offset pin in the dark and no twisting required!


Easy Installation

Simply remove the legacy twist-type round inlet from your boat, connect the wiring to the SmartPlug inlet and reinstall using the same screw hole footprint. On the plug end, you simply cut off your old plug end and attach wires to the new SmartPlug.


Quality of Materials

SmartPlug Systems uses only the finest materials available in construction of it's products. All external metals are Marine-Grade 316 Stainless Steel, the electrical pins are nickel-plated brass for maximum conductivity, and plastics are UV and heat resistant Valox 553U resins made right here in the USA.


Available for 30amp and 50amp Services



































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We Are Now Carrying Mantus Anchors, Swivels, and Chain Hooks


Mantus Marine    


Image result for mantus anchorImage result for mantus swivelImage result for mantus chain hook