Sexton's Chandlery


Immersion suits

We have a larger than usual selection of pre-owned survival/ immersion/ "Gumby" suits in excellent condition for sale. Most are Adult Universal-size. There are a couple of Adult XL, and a Small. Several have the optional High-Rider floatation ring. All come with a storage bag.
This is important Cold Water safety gear, or Anytime in open waters. They can buy you some precious time in the water.

We try to keep this posting current. Please feel free to call us for the up-to-the-minute inventory of these suits.

We also have some working suits:
Including a Stearns Working Suit, model #I580, blue and orange in color, Adult Medium, in like new condition. $195.00  


We have a good selection of new/used stainless steel sinks for your boat or RV.
Round, rectangular, square, single and double.



We have a good selection of consignment winches:

Non Self Tailing:
Lewmar 25, two speed, bronze, pair
Maxwell 22, two speed, single.
Barient 21-33, two speed, single.
Barlow 24, two speed, 2 pairs
Arco 43, two speed, 2 ea.
Lewmar 16, two speed, single.
Enke 26, two speed, pair.
Barlow 23, two speed, 2 each
Lewmar 30, two speed, single.
Also have a nice vintage pair of Phenolic-drum single speed winches with bronze bases. Drum dia. 4.5"



We have a large selection of styles and sizes of used anchors:

Fluke (Danforth) anchors: 4# to 60#.

The owner of the 60# Danforth anchor just lowered the price by $100.00, now it is $195.00

 Hinged plow (Genuine CQR) anchors, Delta (Plow,) Bruce (Claws.)

New stainless steel claws (Bruce-type:) 33# & 44#.

Now stocking Mantus anchors, swivels, bridles, snubbers and chain hooks.

Also, various sea anchors, drouges, and bow rollers.



We have a variety of vintage bronze portlights on consignment.


hold n treat

This is a new, in the box, Raritan Hold n" Treat controls set, for 12 volt systems.
Price $375.00

Mfg. description:
The hold n' treat combines holding tank use with overboard treatment.
Holds waste when in sensitive or no discharge areas, and treats utilizing a Type I MSD (marine sanitation device, ie. Lectra/San,) in all other waters.

• Components can be added to existing equipment
• Easy to install
• Two modes of operation - Automatic and Override
• All components are mounted outside of the tank
• System can accommodate up to 2 Type I Marine Sanitation Devices
for large holding tank installations
• Waste is conveniently stored until it can be disposed of legally
• Eliminates trips to the pump-out station
• Lock-out switch prevents discharge of treated sewage in No Discharge zones
• Allows vessels to discharge their holding tank legally!

The 'Hold n' Treat' is designed to integrate both a Type I and Type III MSD (Marine Sanitation
Device) to provide the user with a system that will be legal in all areas. All system components can
be purchased through Raritan or, make use of equipment that already exists on your vessel. Each complete system will consist of: a holding tank, waste transfer pump, key switch, controller and Lectra/San or Purasan.
All waste is stored in a holding tank and the lockout switch position will determine how the waste
is processed. This system eliminates the need for visits to the pump-out station in most areas.

When 'Hold n' Treat' is set to AUTOMATIC the level of waste in the holding tank is monitored
(every 30 seconds). Once the waste level reaches the HIGH LIMIT the 'Hold n' Treat' Control Unit
sends a signal activating the LectraSan MC or Purasan. The LectraSan MC or Purasan, in turn,
activates a Waste Transfer Pump which moves waste (approximately 1 gallon) from the holding
tank to the LectraSan MC or Purasan. This cycle is repeated approximately every seven minutes.
After the fourth cycle, the system enters a cool down cycle. It will remain in the cool down cycle
for approximately fifteen minutes. After cool down, the process will resume until the waste in
the tank drops below LOW LIMIT.

The basic 12 Volt system Part # 21B12 contains:
• Control Module
• Lock-out Switch with 2 Keys
• Tank Sensor Module
• Pump Relay
• 5' of Aluminum Tape


bow rail

Bow rails from unknown make/ model of boats. Great condition. Stainless steel. Bring you measurements. Take a look. Save some money.

Firdell Blipper

We have two world famous Firdell Blipper radar reflectors. These are in excellent condition. There are no cracks or other issues.
The following is a description downloaded from the internet:
This fully-encapsulated unit provides the greatest return. The model 210-5 weighs under 4 pounds and is only 20" long, ideal for boats with limited space. The USCG is using them aboard their new inflatable rescue craft. Any boat can be seen by radar using the Blipper, even at 30 degrees angle of heel. Plastic coating prevents chafing of sails and rigging. The Blipper is secured to the mast with mounting brackets, or sent up the flag halyard with provided stainless eyes.
Price: $75.00.  


We often have Origo alcohol stoves on consignment, like the one pictured.  These stoves are trouble-free, safe and simple. They are non-pressurized, with no jets or valves, and have very few moving parts. Made in Sweden. Call for current inventory. 503.289.9358




We have a variety of new/ used tanks. Most are fresh water, some are holding tanks. Bring your dimensions, and take a look.