Sexton's Chandlery


We have a constantly changing inventory of used gear, equipment, hardware and vintage items.

The items below are typical of our used gear. We don't update this page in real time. 

Please feel free to call if you are looking for something specific. 503.289.9358

You can also check out our running Craigslist ad for more featured items.

Thank you!

Immersion suits

We have often have a good selection of pre-owned survival/ immersion/ "Gumby" suits in excellent condition for sale. Most come with a storage bag.
This is important Cold Water safety gear, or Anytime in open waters. They can buy you some precious time in the water.

We try to keep this posting current. Please feel free to call us for the up-to-the-minute inventory of these suits.

We also have some working suits on consignment. 


We have a good selection of consignment winches:

Self tailing:

Barlow #19, single speed. NOS. 2 available, $425 ea.

Barlow #25, two speed. NOS. 1 only, $795

Barlow #32, two speed. $1,500/pair.

Non Self Tailing:
Lewmar 25, two speed, bronze, pair
Maxwell 22, two speed, single.
Barient 21-33, two speed, single.
Barlow 24, two speed, 2 pairs
Arco 43, two speed, 2 ea.
Lewmar 16, two speed, single.
Enke 26, two speed, pair.
Barlow 23, two speed, 2 each
Lewmar 30, two speed, single.
Also have a nice vintage pair of Phenolic-drum single speed winches with bronze bases. Drum dia. 4.5"



We have a large selection of styles and sizes of used anchors:


We have 3ea. 75# Genuine CQR anchors in good condition at a Special Price of $399 each.

 Hinged plow (Genuine CQR) anchors, Delta (Plow,) Bruce (Claws,) and Columbia River (Rocking chair.)

New stainless steel claws (Bruce-type:) 33# & 44#.

Now stocking Mantus anchors, swivels, bridles, snubbers and chain hooks.

Also, various sea anchors, drouges, and bow rollers.



We have a variety of vintage bronze portlights on consignment.


bow rail

Bow rail from unknown make/ model of boats. Great condition. Stainless steel. Bring you measurements, take a look, save some money.


Gale Rider storm drogues (See picture:)
36" x 42", 10,000# to 30,000# displacement. Like new, with storage bag. $459.00
42" x 48", 30,000# to 55,000# displacement. Very good condition, with storage bag. $485.00



Para-Anchor by Fiorentino. 6' diameter Offshore sea anchor with "Para-Ring" harness. Like new w/ bag. $225

Un-used refrigerators:

Pictured on Left, Nova Kool model #R4500DC *SOLD*